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Main Title – Straw Dogs

Our story begins in a swampy backwater town in Mississippi, but the score immediately grabs a bold hold on the viewer in this Gothic film noir theme.

Main Title – Resurrecting the Champ

Archive footage and a sports reporter's true life story come together in this poignant drama starring Samuel L. Jackson and Josh Hartnett.

The Speech – The Contender

Two Academy® Award nominations for this wonderful picture. Here we witness the uplifting and moving closing speech delivered by Jeff Bridges.

The Portrait Room – The Contender

Christian Slater is humbled and inspired by the portrait room in the White House where he imagines perhaps his picture will be one day.

Jail Sentence – Nothing But the Truth

Kate Beckinsale is sentenced to jail for not revealing her story's source.

Chess Game – Straw Dogs

Rook takes Knight for Kate Bosworth and James Marsden in this romantic encounter.

Grosinger's – Resurrecting the Champ

Samuel L. Jackson as "Champ" tells his tale of the early days sparring with Rocky Marciano. Josh Hartnett realizes he has a fantastic sports story that could lead to a Pulitzer.

Long Way Home – Love Lies Bleeding

Nice montage of working in a small town is carried by a rolling acoustic guitar theme.


Janice Dies – Straw Dogs

The setting of a high school football game acts as musical inspiration for this cool montage of action and unplanned tragedy.

Janice Flirts – Straw Dogs

Creepy and awkward flirtation with a twist... from the girl to the boy.

Main Title – Dead Drop

Baja is the backdrop for this drug cartel action/thriller.

Closure – Dead Drop

To the victor go the spoils: our hip hero wins the day.

Death March

A sympathizer masquerading as a Nazi officer tries to save the lives of refugees.

Main Title – Cats Dancing on Jupiter

The close-ups in this main title are very provocative in this sexy thriller. A dark and rich score adds depth to our character's thoughts.


Not On My Watch – Straw Dogs

It's pandemonium for our couple inside the house.

Defcon 3 – Commander in Chief

Gena Davis, as President of the United States, must respond quickly to an accelerating situation.

Main Title – The One Warrior

When the world was young terrible forces were unleashed.

Bad Poker Game – Dead Drop

Things go terribly wrong in the bad guys' hideout.

Chase to Face – Dead Drop

Car and foot chase action!


Old School – Man About Town

John Cleese instructs Ben Affleck to write a personal journal in an effort to understand his feelings.

Aquarium Daze – Man About Town

Spanish guitar, clarinet, and strings take us through a transformation of time for Jack and his ongoing dilemmas.

Bathroom Torture – The Cable Guy

Jim Carrey and Owen Wilson have a confrontation in the fancy restaurant bathroom.

Escape – I Woke Up Early the Day I Died

Billy Zane escapes from a sanitarium in this off the wall silent movie based on Ed Wood's last script.

Elevator Sex – Mind of the Married Man

Boys will be boys when they compete for office sex.


YES – Live Symphonic Tour

I co-composed with legend rock band YES their 2001 album "Magnification," as well as orchestrated and conducted their world symphonic tour. Here is my overture that opened the concerts.



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