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A tale of intrigue, revelations, & unexpected reversals.
A saga of betrayal, back-stabbing—of regrets and scandal.

In other words: politics as usual.


The world premiere of The Contender, a DreamWorks release, was held at the 25th Annual International Toronto Film Festival.

Joan Allen stars in the role of a lifetime. Director Rod Lurie conceived of the character and, indeed, the plot of the whole film, with Joan Allen in mind.

Joan Allen
in Toronto.


Once again Larry Groupé teams up with director Rod Lurie to deliver a spellbinding score for a breakthrough political suspense thriller. The Contender marks the third time Rod Lurie has turned to Larry Groupé to deliver a score for his political thrillers.

Rod Lurie
in Toronto.

Here's what Rod Lurie has said about each of Larry's scores for his films:

On Deterrence:
The best thing that can be said about Groupé's work is that it is demonstrative not just of a man who loves music, but of a man who is insanely in love with film.

On 4 Second Delay:
Larry's music does exactly what it must: it raises the level of a movie’s game. It doesn’t create emotion, but punctuates it. If you think about the wide array of emotion in the human spectrum, his ability to capture a precise sense of joy or tragedy, exhilaration or desolation is a talent that only the greatest in the business have in their arsenal.

On The Contender:
Larry Groupé's skills as a composer, his ability to grab a movie by its balls and turn it into an artistic endeavor beyond anything one could previously have conceived of, is uncontroverted... His work is variegated to the degree that one cannot pigeonhole the specifics of his musical skill.>


At the International Toronto Film Festival...

Larr (far right)
cozies up with
Contender stars
Sam Elliott,
Jeff Bridges,
Joan Allen,
and director
Rod Lurie.



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